About Us

AEG Investments is the #1 servicer of real estate investors and distressed property home sellers; We have helped many clients find amazing discount investment properties as well as property sellers get out of a house that was no longer working for them in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Our passion and dedication to real estate, helping others, making money and being the best in our field is really what sets us apart from other real estate investment companies. We pride ourselves in creating and maintaining good relationships with everyone that we work with. Our recruitment team is constantly picking up new properties, therefore we frequently have new properties come available.

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A Bit More About Us

AEG Investments was founded by Katrina Palandri & Kevin Gorinshteyn as a way for them to provide themselves with a good return on their money in a relatively safe way. They work with a team of mentors and investors, including Katrina’s grandmother, that have more than 75 years’ combined experience investing in residential and commercial real estate.

katrina-pKatrina Palandri has spent 18 years using keen insight, analysis and organization to help people and companies grow. She started her career in a high-capital investment brokerage in natural gas options, from there she assist small businesses grow their businesses as well as acquiring and manage commercial and residential real estate portfolios. While continuing with real estate, Katrina expanded into oil and gas development as well as precious metals.

Katrina relies heavily on her organizational, management and analytic skills to ensure projects get done on time and on budget. She maintains the high standards she sets for herself through regular certification and testing. She has completed her series 22 and 63 licenses several real estate training and mentorship programs. She will soon be a California licensed real estate agent. What she makes, she invests back – both in herself through regular attendance of conferences and seminars – and to the community, proudly supporting Wounded Warriors Project, Create Jobs USA, and ChildFund International.

Kevin Gorinshteyn has been the student of online marketing for over 10 years. His expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) and in depth knowledge of web development has given him the advantage in google search results rankings over the competitors. With that advange, he is able to quickly and cost effectively generate sales for start ups, ranging from an entertainment company to online job boards and staffing firms.

How We Achieve This!

Our procedures are very simple…we market exquisitely, work with passion and integrity, treat everyone that we work with fairness and respect. We hate to over complicated things. J

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Where Do We Find These Deals?

Great deals can be found everywhere in the market today. However, the fact remains that these amazing deals are being snapped up by those investors with the best marketing systems and connections before any other Los Angeles investment Property Company even hears or knows about them.  AEG Investments is one of the best Los Angeles Investment Property companies, take advantage of our knowledge and connections by joining our VIP Access list or Partnering with us.

We can help you with

How We Research and Find the Best Deals!

Over the last few years, we have created and implemented proprietary marketing systems and we now have a consistent stream of greatly discounted properties, foreclosure properties, distressed property, and any other types of real estate properties in Los Angeles that you can think about.

Perhaps, you may have even seen some of our marketing around Los Angeles. The fact is that we have invested thousands of man hours and dollars into refining our marketing systems into what they are today. We want you to benefit from by giving us the opportunity locate the best deals and sending them to you.

Why Should You Work With Us!

The hardest and the largest part of the job has already been done by us and we have spent so much money to create marketing systems that generate a consistent stream of deals that are hugely discounted. We come across many great deals that are 30% – 50% below market rate. The truth is that we simply cannot buy and keep all of these properties to ourselves.

So, that’s where you come in.

Real Estate Investors Looking for Rentals or Flips

This offer is for the real estate investor in Los Angeles looking for great rental properties that will bring cash flow into their pocket or distressed properties to rehabilitate and resell. We can assist you in locating these properties. All we need to know is your buying criteria, and we will make in-depth research for properties that match your criteria. Complete our contact form to get started with us for FREE.

Homeowners Looking for A Discount Home to Live In

Real estate investors buy most of the properties we sell. However, if what you are looking for is a discount home to reside in that may need some work, then this is the right place for you! Register and join our Preferred Buyers list, let us know what you are looking for and we can send you matches to your criteria first so that you have a chance to view it before investors.  Include your proof of funds or bank prequalification to get first notification. If you are not pre-qualified with your bank let us know and we can assist you with that. In addition, we can connect you with design and technical members of our team.

We are where we are today as a result of focusing on becoming very good at finding great deals, marketing, and passing those deals off to investors and buyers like you at a greatly discounted price. You can rest assure that we are the best investment property company in Los Angeles to work with and we’re real people just like you.

Want to Invest in Real Estate Without Doing Any Work?

We have joint ventures, and private lending deals that will work for you.

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